Area 86 Newsletter The Focus

Rhonda S.


The Focus is a series of articles written by Area 86 members on a variety of topics. It is then published prior to the Spring and Fall Assembly and made available for distribution by the District Committee Members to their General Service Representatives. It is used as a communication tool across the whole of Area 86.

Any Member can write a story on the topic for the Focus.

Your content should be based on the current topic.

It should be 200-400 words (1/2 to just over 3/4 of a page typed, single spaced) if it is a story to be published or it could be as small as 2-4 sentences if it is a brief idea pertaining to the chosen topic.

Spring 2020 Edition of the Focus is here

What is AA Unity? Why Do We Need It? How Do We Foster It?

Thank you to all who contributed: Jeff S. from District 21; Dale S. from District 25; Kim C. from District 16; Tim R. from District 22; Tamara P from District 8; Pam W. from District 7; Pam F. from District 14; Anne A. from District 20; David N. from District 2; Janice F. from District 19

Past Editions of the Focus

(PDF files require a PDF reader)

Fall 2019——-How has Service enhanced your sobriety?

Spring 2019—-Informed Group Conscience

Spring 2018 —Sponsorship in Service

Fall 2018 ——-Attraction rather than Promotion