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The Focus is a newsletter published by Area 86 twice a year.  It contains a series of articles written by Area 86 members on a variety of service related topics. It is made available to DCMs for distribution to the groups in each District. It is intended to be used as a communication tool across the whole of Area 86, though recent reports are that too few groups are actually seeing a copy of our newsletter.  Comments on this matter are as welcome as submissions for the newsletter itself.  Submit Feedback.
Current Edition of the Focus – Submissions Wanted!

The topic for the Spring 2020 edition is: “What is AA unity? Why is it important and how can we foster it?”

Any Member can write a story on the current topic for inclusion in the Focus.

Submissions should be 300-600 words (3/4 to just over 1 page typed) if it is a story to be published or you can submit a small thought, idea or example related to the current topic (trial option) which is as short as 2-5 sentences.

Please send submissions, large or small, by selecting the “Submit An Article” link above.  Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Past Editions of the Focus

(PDF files require a PDF reader)

Fall 2019——-How has Service enhanced your sobriety?

Spring 2019—-Informed Group Conscience

Spring 2018 —Sponsorship in Service

Fall 2018 ——-Attraction rather than Promotion