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The Focus is a newsletter published by Area 86 twice a year.  It contains a series of articles written by Area 86 members on a variety of service related topics. It is made available to DCMs for distribution to the groups in each District. It is intended to be used as a communication tool across the whole of Area 86, though recent reports are that too few groups are actually seeing a copy of our newsletter.  Comments on this matter are as welcome as submissions for the newsletter itself.  Submit Feedback.
Current Edition of the Focus – Spring 2020

 What is AA Unity?  Why Do We Need It? How Do We Foster It? 

Thank you to all who contributed: Jeff S. from District 21; Dale S. from District 25; Kim C. from District 16; Tim R. from District 22; Tamara P from District 8; Pam W. from District 7; Pam F. from District 14; Anne A. from District 20; David N. from District 2; Janice F. from District 19

Past Editions of the Focus

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Fall 2019——-How has Service enhanced your sobriety?

Spring 2019—-Informed Group Conscience

Spring 2018 —Sponsorship in Service

Fall 2018 ——-Attraction rather than Promotion