ALT Delegate

Jeff S.


The Conference recommends that all areas elect alternate delegates. The alternate serves as a valuable assistant, often traveling with the delegate or giving reports for him or her. In some areas, the alternate serves some special function of the committee. Many area committee treasuries recognize the need to support the alternate’s expenses separately from the delegate’s. An alternate who replaces the delegate at the annual Conference meeting will remain on the G.S.O. mailing list as the delegate until G.S.O. is informed otherwise by the area committee.

The Alternate Delegate shall work in close cooperation with the Delegate at all times, striving to attain a good working knowledge of those duties in the event of loss or incapacity of the Delegate. The Alternate Delegate should at all times follow the direction of the Delegate and the Area Assembly. The Alternate Delegate shall be the Intergroup Liaison Officer for Area 86, Western Ontario, liaising between General Service and the various Intergroups/Central Offices in Area 86, Western Ontario. (section 4 responsibilities d))