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The Focus is a newsletter published by Area 86 twice a year.  It contains a series of articles written by Area 86 members on a variety of service related topics. It is made available to DCMs for distribution to the groups in each District. It is intended to be used as a communication tool across the whole of Area 86.  Recent reports, however, have made us aware that few groups are actually seeing a copy of our newsletter.  The Area budget includes a significant  for the cost of printing the newsletter.  Not only is the Focus an important tool used to share our experience, strength and hope regarding service related thoughts and ideas, but it is also something that we do invest in financially.  As such, we want to make sure we are spending our money in a fiscally responsible manner.   Comments on this matter are as welcomed as are your submissions for inclusion in our next newsletter itself.  Submit Feedback or submit an article.

Current Edition of the Focus – Fall 2021

A.A. Service and Our Primary Purpose

Past Editions of the Focus